floox plays Bloodborne – Episode 1

 The sweet blood, oh, it sings to me.

Father Gascoigne

Bloodborne follows the Good Hunter, an outsider to Yharnam, a city that has fallen to a unique plague. Beasts roam the streets and it is up to this lone hunter to slay his way to the eldritch truth that befell this once prosperous land.


In this first episode, we discover that we need more insight into streaming setups to properly hear everything the Great Ones want to tell us. In short, I mucked up a new audio setup and lost the audio for the entire episode.

Instead of starting over, I decided to roll with it and have a little fun for this first episode. I’m no voice actor and will never claim to be, but I tried to make up for the lack of production quality in a few ways. I hope it’s at least entertaining.

This first episode takes us through the streets of Central Yharnam, into the arms of the Cleric Beast, a creature that has grown large with the Scourge raging in the streets. Then we give Father Gascoigne a visit to give the wayward hunter some rest. Lastly, we land in the lair of the Blood-Starved Beast, an enemy with ferocity to match its fetid appearance.

This episode originally aired on my Twitch channel, which goes live Monday nights at 8:00pm PST. You can follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates on when I’ll be streaming again.

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