floox plays Bloodborne – Episode 2

 I feel a yearning… something I’ve never felt before… What’s happening to me? Tell me hunter, could this be joy?

The Doll

Bloodborne follows the Good Hunter, an outsider to Yharnam, a city that has fallen to a unique plague. Beasts roam the streets and it is up to this lone hunter to slay his way to the eldritch truth that befell this once prosperous land.


In our second episode, we explore the streets of the Cathedral Ward in search of a few more folks to invite to Oedon Chapel. We also venture into Hemwick Charnel Lane to take care of a little witch infestation, and we revisit Hypogean Gaol to reintroduce ourselves to an old friend.

After a bit of grinding behind the scenes, this Arcane build is starting to make something of itself. We tear through The Witch of Hemwick (an admittedly easy boss on the worst days), but also tackle Darkbeast Paarl and Vicar Amelia in one, quick go of it. Of course, it’s not all about bosses and beasties in Bloodborne: we also meet our fair share of notable NPCs along the way.

This episode originally aired on my Twitch channel, which goes live Monday nights at 8:00pm PST. You can follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates on when I’ll be streaming again.

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