Bloodborne – Blood of Five Nations


It was impolite and unfair to judge the dead by how they got dead. It was kinder to focus on who they may have been in life, but this one was making it difficult, such were her features defined by her demise – flattened in all of the wrong places. Carrion wondered how the woman had died. Was it in this room? Was it by the hand of the person who brought them here? She felt unsafe again, backed into this corner, and she instinctively reached behind for her scythe; her hands only grasped at the loose fabric of her own outfit.

At first, everyone moved freely, reacted to the scene in their own way only to be suddenly slammed into caution. Like prey cognizant of being prey, the corridor’s residents froze, eyes dilating with adrenaline, the space’s acoustics momentarily clinging to the subtle rustle of dragging fabric and breathing.

“Well, this is very bad,” Alfred said to himself, not even aware he was breaking the silence, continuing the probe of his pockets.

Chela’s attention darted to him. “We should remain calm and quiet,” she said from her chair.

“What? Like that?” Tabitha half-whispered, pointing to the pair of eyes that glimmered in the dark spaces beneath an askew chair.

Chela shrugged. “She’s at least quiet.”

Alfred stood and absently walked to the center of the room while searching his entire person. It was immediately clear that he was quite concerned with assembling his attire to suggest sophistication – a long and elegant overcoat largely dyed in blues and accented with silver trim. He kept his long, white hair bound together in a ponytail, but it still coordinated with his cool, blue eyes, never hidden behind the spectacles that always seemed to hang just from the edge of his nose. Alfred need not even speak before everyone knew he was an academic. He frantically ran his fingers along his backside, unaware that to all who were currently watching, he appeared to be clutching his own ass. Slowly lowering his empty hands to his side with a horror-stricken look Alfred said, “This is quite grim, indeed.”

Tabitha guided the needle out from her arm and repositioned herself in the chair. Unlike the others, this style of seating was clearly not meant for one of her stature. Sliding across it to eventually place her feet on solid ground, it became clear to everyone where it was she called home.

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