floox plays Bloodborne – Episode 6

Even in this darkest of nights, I see… the moonlight…


Bloodborne follows the Good Hunter, an outsider to Yharnam, a city that has fallen to a unique plague. Beasts roam the streets and it is up to this lone hunter to slay his way to the eldritch truth that befell this once prosperous land.


The sixth episode starts out with a bang! Well, a few bangs… because Alfred, you know… you’ll see…

We also check out that freaky spider hanging out in the college’s lake and head back into the Hunter’s Nightmare to see what kind of horsing around is happening in there… Get it? I fought Ludwig and he’s a horse… sorry…

This episode originally aired on my Twitch channel, which typically goes live Monday nights at 8:00pm PST. You can follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates on when I’ll be streaming again.

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