about floox

As a parent and a writer with a full-time day job, it’s sometimes difficult to find time to dive into a new game or dissect a good book, let alone to gather my thoughts and share them with the web. It’s often enough just to settle into a different world during the kid’s naps, whenever there are chores that can probably be ignored.

As a veteran contributor to online video game outlets, I miss the work I did for a wider audience. I reminisce about the days when I had time to review a game or do an in-depth analysis of a film. A few years ago, I traded that time to become a parent. No part of me regrets that decision, but I now have the urge to create again. I feel ready to begin a new project, albeit slowly.

Floox in Flux is a blog about the games, movies, books, and music that I consume, for better or worse. The “Floox” in the blogs title is a reference to Moby Dick, one of my favorite books. Whenever a 17th Century sailor would spy a whale’s tail (or flukes, if you want the correct spelling that is more difficult to obtain for gamertags, social media handles, domain names, etc.) breaching the surface of the water, they would shout this sole word out to the rest of the crew as a signal to ready themselves. “in Flux” is meant to relate that updates to this blog are subject to the time constraints, the ebbs and flows, of my busy life.

My aim is that others who are leading similar lives, where time is short and the amount of content you can allow into your life is limited, will find this blog relevant. Should that be the case, know that updates may be as infrequent as a whale’s flukes cresting over ocean waves. Whenever a notification pops up in your social media feed of choice or maybe even your email inbox, I want it to fill you with excitement. It’s my hope that when the time comes, you can take the time to go on a short journey with me.

Here are some of the things you might see me reference… because I love them.

Video Games

Metal Gear Solid


The Last of Us

Stardew Valley


The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

Jurassic Park

The Witch

Pan’s Labyrinth


The Name of the Wind

Moby Dick



TV Series



Black Sails

BoJack Horseman


Puella Magi Madoka Magica

From the New World

Cowboy Bebop

Made in Abyss




Rachel Rising


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