review policy

You might have noticed that many of the posts on this blog tend to be reviews. While I enjoy writing many forms of content, reviewing has always been a primary interest and strength of mine.

Reviews on Floox in Flux will follow a format that’s more unconventional than many other reviewing platforms, but I think one that’s more honest. You won’t find a review score or some sort of recommendation mechanic. Instead, I want to encourage my audience to understand my perspective on a project by fully reading or watching the review. If you can scroll to the bottom of a post or skip to the end of a video for a simple, I think it somewhat defeats the purpose of looking for a review in the first place. It devalues the work that the creator put into their project as well as the time I spent organizing my thoughts about it. Plus, it encourages the comparison of one platform’s “score” to another. With no set standard across industries for how to score art and entertainment, I think the logic behind that practice is self evident.

However, none of this means that I’ll be withholding my opinion. When I like a game, book, film, or series, I’ll say so. When I find a theme troubling or a mechanic annoying, I’ll be clear. I hope that as you get to know me, you find that some of our interests align and that you can rely on the opinions I share. I also hope that you will come to appreciate the entirety of

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